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Cyberbullying by NHS and RCGP doctors, named and shamed

Cyberbullying by NHS and RCGP doctors, named and shamed. This is how an international medical graduate (IMG) ethnic minority doctor who was runner-up for RCGP President in 2009 is treated by the Establishment for being a RCGP CSA exam whistleblower.

Amanda Todd RIP put up a youtube video to expose the cyberbullying she had experienced as a cry for help.

I am putting up the evidence of sustained cyberbullying from the medical community of white NHS and RCGP doctors, I received as a British ethnic IMG female NHS GP for 2 years now and it is still ongoing. Surely there must be a law against this sustained harassment and cyberstalking which has led to me to have 2 cycles of cognitive behavioural therapy, persistent stress and depressed mood as a victim of harassment and bullying?
Definition of cyberbullying:

Feb 2011

As an ethnic IMG RCGP National Council Rep (and the highest ranking), I helped Dr Saqib Anwar (RCGP Chair of the Associates in Training Committee) draft a RCGP Council Motion to alert Council (trustees) of the huge disparity between local and ethnic IMG CSA exam pass rates and between local whites and local nonwhite pass rates. Council debate and the head table decide it needs further research, but the exam continues in its current borderline format. Dr Anwar, Dr Rhona Knight (Christian RCGP CSA examiner who seconded the motion) and I and many others on Council want to know why there is such a huge difference in pass rates between UK graduates of non white race and white British? Why does a black UK GP trainee have a 3x greater chance of failing than a white UK GP trainee? I ask why did it help a white male UK grad pass every single CSA station in his 4th CSA when he changed his accent from working class to posh upper class? Instead of taking my concerns of hidden bias against working class accents seriously, the head table mock me and Chair Clare Gerada and Hon Secretary Amanda Howe both deny having posh accents, although the RCGP President does admit to having a posh accent. For the record, the RCGP Chief Examiner is a graduate of Oxford medical school and also has a posh accent. The debate on Council raged on for over an hour at Skinners Hall and I am touched to see Scottish RCGP Council Reps speak out in support of their IMG GP trainees.


September 2011

The Telegraph alerts the public of  how certain NHS medics discuss patients online: 'Online medics reveal secret names for patients and colleagues' 'It began when an anaesthetist, who uses the name Welsh Gas Doc, wrote on Twitter earlier this week that he was covering a "birthing shed", meaning a maternity unit, on his night shift. He added that he would prefer working on the "cabbage patch", meaning intensive care...A consultant called Dr Paul Morgan wrote: "Close call but birthing sheds lead in awfulness, especially having to work with #madwives."

October 2011 to November 2011

All my Amazon books are smeared by anonymous posters Stanage Beast, Kelly No and Mel .

Amazon responds by removing a defamatory posting by Stanage Beast on 3 November 2011 on my CSA book.
Amazon has now updated their review policy and will only allow customers who have purchased books from Amazon to leave a customer review. They have also added a clause on objectionable material which includes 'spiteful remarks'.


November 2011

Anonymous NHS Consultant medical blogger Doctor Zorro posts my photo from my website entitled 'Another woman with her head up her arse.'

Anonymous comments added to medical blogger sites
'Anal Sourced is an anagram of Dr Una Coales'.

I am namecalled SWMNBN2 (she who must not be named 2) on forum.

@welsh_gas_doc (NHS anaesthetist registrar Dr Dave Jones) with a history of irreverent tweets considers his tweets to me as online banter and not harassment.

@welsh_gas_doc tweets that 'The GMC have pretty much said they aren't interested in this sort of silliness.' Cyberbullying by a stranger white male NHS hospital registrar in Wales leading to mental distress in a female ethnic minority London NHS GP is not silliness!

December 2011

Dr No, another anonymous NHS medical doctor name calls me a 'Korean' missile and writes of the false allegations that went around that I had shopped the true identities of the doctors behind Dr Rant to the police and GMC which I had not. I had only reported the doctors who had cyberbullied me after taking advice from MPS and stop bullying charities.

Medical Blogger Dr Rant tries to stop all the cyberlynching of me and posts 'Pack it in you lot! You know what I'm talking about!!..Please take a step back and see what an online lynch mob looks like...Why are we attacking one of our own like this? We're starting to look like a pack of cyber Nazis.

and writes 'everyone seems to want to pick on one woman.'

Dr Rant intervenes with Dr No:
'The point is Dr No, that I am not going to go force ten f---ing mental on another Doctor. Dr Coales is a REAL person with real feeling too and it doesn't seem right to deliberately target as REAL person with a REAL job and a REAL family.'

@welsh_gas_doc and others tweet RCGP Chair Clare Gerada well in advance of RCGP Presidential election. RCGP Chair Clare Gerada advises them not to reply on cyberspace - use direct message or email.

February 2012

An anonymous doctor sets up an impersonator twitter account using an anagram of my name and mocks me tweeting as she with 4 doctors,  @welsh_gas_doc, @gilulaarc, @theniceladydoc and to @clarercgp, as I had indicated I would re-run as RCGP President in May. My white British husband and I meet with RCGP Chair Clare Gerada and ask she speak to @welsh_gas_doc to have this distressing impersonator account taken down. We inform Clare that we do not know the identity of the doctor who set up this account but have informed the police and handed my twitter name and password for them to trace but suspect @welsh_gas_doc knows. The impersonator account then vanishes after our meeting with Clare. She sees how distraught I am from the relentless harassment by a group of NHS doctors, and asks me to stay for 2 hours of urgent CBT at her PHP clinic in Vauxhall that evening and am seen on a daily basis then weekly until my distress abates and my mood lifts.



April 2012

The Chair of the Nominations Committee Dr Tony Mathie (former Dean of Mersey) breaks RCGP constitutional rules and tries to ban me and 2 other GPs from the Presidential ballot. He concludes that I am 'not fit and proper' to run! Even though I had placed as runner-up in the RCGP Presidential election 2009. What was 'not fit and proper' about an ethnic IMG GP with FRCGP trying to run for RCGP President with the vetting of 12 RCGP members as per election instructions? Was it the colour of my skin or the South London accent? How can the former Dean of Mersey personally judge me as 'not fit and proper'? We three GPs (each vetted by 12 RCGP members and fellows) are given an unreasonable 48 hours to appeal for our case to be heard by a virtual appeal panel in our absences. The virtual appeal meeting is postponed umpteen times which adds to all 3 candidates' anxieties. I speak with a renowned top charity lawyer who confirms the RCGP have broken the rules and I notify the Chief Executive. I and 2 others are allowed back on the ballot as we have been vetted by 12 RCGP members as per Byelaws. I seat 3rd out of 6 running, and the highest ranking female GP and IMG GP. I also seat first again out of all the national GP candidates running for RCGP National Council Rep, to begin my 3-year term November 2012.

June 2012

I attend the RCGP Council meeting and bring the other Presidential candidate's appeal letter as evidence and place this in front of each Council Trustee as requested by the candidate himself as well as a copy of my speech as Council Rep which has been run by the other Presidential candidate also. RCGP Chair Clare Gerada demands I collect up my papers! A kind Council Rep who is also a Councillor advises me to say these are 'personal papers' so the papers are left before the college trustees. I speak up on the RCGP Council and ask for an apology from the RCGP on behalf of the 3 Presidential candidates who were initially banned from the ballot and for a formal independent external inquiry called an SEA (significant event analysis) in GP terms. Chair Clare Gerada has my microphone turned off 2 minutes into my speech. I correct her and say that I am allowed to speak for 5 minutes, and she turns my microphone back on. It takes over a year before we receive an apology, an apology which is not made public but instead labelled to me as 'confidential'! Well College's apology to me is NOT confidential, as I am happy it is made public to all those who voted for me and vetted for me to stand.

September 2012

@welsh_gas_doc incites media frenzy against me with a tweet of an excerpt from my 2010 CSA book (taken out of context explaining society's negative stereotypes and how to negate bias to pass one exam as the RCGP did not have enough controls for hidden subjective unconscious bias.) and tweets incorrectly to RCGP Chair Clare ''clarercgp I hope the Royal College publicly distance themselves with @drunacoales' published advice to a CSA candidate to be "less gay"? I never used these words. I cannot fathom why this Welsh hospital anaesthetist is obsessed with cyberstalking me and pulling a paragraph out of context without reading the beginning of the chapter to explain society's biases from a 2 year old CSA book of mine, chapters of which had been printed earlier in the Pulse GP magazine in 2009 for its 30,000 GP readership with no concerns as it was printed in full context.

Dr Dave Jones (@welsh_gas_doc) encourages the twitter frenzy by retweeting hurtful remarks made by stranger tweeters.

Dr Dave Jones (@welsh_gas_doc), who I had twitter blocked, continued his twitter campaign to discredit me and my CSA book which alerted GP trainees to subjective bias in the CSA exam:



NHS geneticist Dr Shane McKee tweets RCGP Chair @clarercgp 'it certainly looks homophobic to me. And racist. And disparaging of RCGP processes.' He had cyberbullied me last year and was back.

Dr David Haslam, past President of the RCGP, 'I was shocked and appalled to read the story about Dr Una Coales. She should be deeply ashamed. Attitudes like this have no place in medicine.'

Dr Kirsty Baldwin, soon to join the RCGP Council as National Council Rep and current Chair of her RCGP Yorkshire Faculty, 'that 'senior GP' needs to be shut up and 'divorced' from the rcgp PLEASE'

Professor Trisha Greenhalgh, another national Council Rep, tweets she is happy to lead a GMC referral and the freelance journalist who wrote up the story in the Indy which went viral without even speaking to me, Patrick Strudwick, encourages her by tweeting 'please do.'

Freelance Indy Journalist Patrick Strudwick also joins in and tweets accusing me of 'colluding with homophobia and perpetuating stereotypes. You're a disgrace.'



Many gay GP trainees I have helped pass CSA write to the Hon Secretary on my behalf to explain I am not homophobic. I did not tell them 'not to act gay' as this was the Daily Mail's words. I know how hard it is to be discriminated against due to colour, race, ethnicity or sex and how impossible it is to change who you are and that you should not have to try but be accepted for who you are. It is impossible for ethnics to change the colour of their skin, but to pass this exam means to come up with techniques so that hidden biases against protected characteristics are not triggered as the controls are not sufficient which has led to a huge failure rate for ethnic minorities both UK and IMGs and of gay and lesbians (although the RCGP has not published this data) I have encountered through my teaching. Techniques I taught were simple things like a soft smile to help stranger encounters, a gentle touch to demonstrate humanity, a gentle tone of voice to disguise a foreign accent, etc. The RCGP won't even allow videos for appeals! How can nonwhite GP trainees and gay or lesbians be assured of a fair exam? Who will listen if they encounter subjective bias? What evidence can they provide at appeal? They explained in letters to the RCGP how grateful they were that I was there to help them and even wrote from as far away as Australia. How can a whistleblower of a discriminatory exam, be accused of being racist and homophobic?
October 2012

I receive a letter from the GMC that Dr Rafik Taibjee, a former salaried GP who used to work for RCGP Chair Clare Gerada at her Hurley Group, has referred me to the GMC. He falsely alleges that I tweeted an excerpt from my CSA book, even though it had been Dr Dave Jones as @welsh_gas_doc and falsely alleges, 'she publically suggests a person should try and change their innate characteristics. I would not want her to be treating any gay patients if she came up with any advice like this. She also reinforces stereotypes. I write this as the Co-Chair of the Gay and Lesbian Association of Doctors and Dentists,'  and he goes on to lie in the statement when answering the question 'Have you complained to anybody else' when he states 'no' in his written statement as he had submitted 2 formal complaints to the RCGP as co-chair of GLADD. The first complaint was dismissed by the RCGP, so he lodged a second complaint! He is also Secretary on the South London RCGP faculty board alongside me and did not even ask me to explain the passage which was taken out of context in a tweet by Dr Dave Jones (@welsh_gas_doc) but referred me, a colleague board member and past RCGP faculty treasurer, to the GMC behind my back, instead of show support for a whistleblower and also ask the Equality and Human Rights Commission to investigate the CSA exam and to ask for pass rates of gay and lesbian doctors. It was not until June 2013, that the British Medical Association GP Conference in Edinburgh voted to ask for the pass rates of CSA against all protected characteristics.

I read the Daily Mail comments and am comforted that the general public understand the truth and where I am coming from. When they ask why had I not raised concerns on Council, I had! As RCGP Council Rep I had helped draft concerns regarding CSA which Dr Saqib Anwar the AiT RCGP Chair Rep proposed to the RCGP Council in Feb 2011. The RCGP still continued to administer CSA. GP trainees had no choice but to sit even though the exam had a huge disparity in ethnic and white pass rates. 96% white UK pass rate, 84% Asian UK pass rate, 77% Chinese UK pass rate, 66% Black UK pass rate, 36% Asian and Black IMG pass rate, 25% Chinese IMG pass rate. Many could not afford a lawyer and could not individually raise £100k. They were stuck between a rock and a hard place. Disguise their ethnicity or sexual orientation or face repeated fails? What could I do as a teacher? I too was stuck between a rock and a hard place. So yes, I had followed due process with my concerns as a whistleblower. I had even written directly to Sue Rendel the chief examiner.
I email a letter of resignation from RCGP Council, distraught, due to years of institutional bullying and now public cyber-bullying but retract this a few days later when I received the GMC letter of referral by Dr Rafik Taibjee, as I want to stand up and fight back and not be intimidated into resignation by bullying or by a malicious GMC referral.

The Daily Mail readers helped me understand that it was better to tackle the discrimination via a legal route. I called and wrote the Equality and Human Rights Commission but they did not investigate CSA.

I asked help from the British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO), the British International Doctors Association (BIDA), the British Pakistani Doctors Association (BPDF) and later MANSAG (for Nigerian doctors) to address CSA concerns on behalf of their GP trainees. BAPIO and BPDF were the only organisations to take action and both wrote to the RCGP and met with the College and also wrote to the Equality and Human Rights Commission to investigate the CSA exam pass rates. BAPIO only received an acknowledgement of letter from the EHRC January 2013 and BPDF received no acknowledgement to date!
I asked the Met Police for help against this cyberbullying and the Detective Chief Inspector offered to sit down with Niall Dickson, Chief Executive of the GMC. As Secretary of Conservative Health, I was able to meet with the GMC and personally speak with Niall and hand over all my evidence as a victim of cyberbullying and helped draft the policy on social media to ask doctors that they identify themselves when posting anonymously to deter cyberbullying of women doctors and whistleblowers.

I see my GP for a second cycle of CBT to deal with the stresses of a malicious GMC referral that lasts 4 months in initial investigation before my name is cleared!

November 2012

Chair Clare Gerada and the RCGP orchestrate the AGM so that the business part of the meeting is held at a different time and place from the awards ceremony and 25 white RCGP Council members are asked to accept my letter of resignation (not my retraction). I speak out but am ignored and told by Chair Clare that the College is more important than the members who voted for me.

January 2013

The GMC clear me at initial investigation and inform Dr Taibjee. They close the case. I am a whistleblower and will NOT be gagged, intimidated or cyberbullied for speaking out against injustice! Ironically Dr Taibjee is also the BMA Chair of the Equality and Diversity Committee. He loses his re-election to Dr Krishna Kasaraneni (BMA chair of the GP trainee subcommittee) later in 2013. Dr Kasaraneni succeeds him as the new BMA Chair of the Equality and Diversity Committee and takes on the CSA fight for equality and justice.

February 2013

A RCGP council rep informs me that the RCGP have stopped Maureen Baker from taking up her rightful seat as College Chair Elect. I tweet her daughter and gather more information. I ask Pulse to investigate. Even though I was not allowed to take up my Council seat by the AGM of 25 white council reps, I still fight for accountability within the RCGP and inform Maureen that she should contact a charity lawyer as she is lawfully the next Chair Elect and an election should not be re-run. Maureen Baker receives sympathy votes I am told by another RCGP Council Rep and she is rightfully appointed after a second election.

April 2013

On April 12, 2013 the RCGP Chair, Clare Gerada, @clarercgp, sends me an unsolicited public tweet accusing me of being 'bullying, cruel & insulting to all involved in CSA,' even though I had blocked her from tweeting me. I am dismayed that Dr Clare Gerada continues to tweet me when she knew I had undergone CBT at her PHP clinic last year for being a victim of cyberbullying. Her PHP clinic arranges for me to undergo further CBT with Efficacy in 2013 to deal with the stresses of fighting for justice for CSA and coping with being cyberbullied.
I and another RCGP Presidential Candidate, who are initially banned by the Nominations Committee, both re-run for RCGP Council. The ballot is sent to all national GP members of the RCGP. 

May 2013

On May 14, 2013 the RCGP Chair Clare Gerada publicly tweets, 'Surprised that someone who's standing for @rcgp council is advising GPs to emigrate.' 'Seems that there is a candidates for @rcgp council who is advocating that members emigrate.' 'surprised & shocked & I would imagine voters would want to know how little @rcgp & UK nhs Gen practice meant to individual.' She singles me out and makes a public unsubstantiated comment about what general practice means to me as an individual. She does not draw attention to any of the other candidates running for RCGP Council. I write to the RCGP returning officer that her actions may result in sympathy votes for me and ask that she refrain from tweeting about just one candidate during the voting period.

June 2013

On June 4, 2013, the RCGP Chair Clare Gerada continues to tweet me even though she knows I had blocked her on public twitter for making inappropriate public twitter comments to me.
The RCGP Chair Clare tweets 'and how @drunacoales deals with those who disagree with her views (blocks, refers to GMC, polic, employer, claims of cyberbullying)
On June 24, 2013 the RCGP Chair Clare tweets 'It is transparent - @drunacoales has been invited to witness the exam many times - she has chosen not to.'
The RCGP Chair tweeted a complete untruth and unsubstantiated statement on public twitter and I reply 'on the record I have NEVER been invited to witness the CSA exam Clare. Where is this invitation? Evidence?'
Despite the RCGP Chair's attempts to discredit me on twitter, I, and the other RCGP Presidential Candidate 2012, both receive news from the RCGP Chief Executive that we have been successful in securing 2 of the 6 2013 RCGP National Council Seats to represent the GP membership between November 2013-2016. The national GP electorate had seen the Truth, made up their own minds and had voted for me to assume my seat back on the RCGP Council for November 2013.
On June 24, 2013 the British Medical Association Annual Representative Meeting in Edinburgh voted to support in all parts motion 195 to approach the RCGP over the MRCGP CSA exam and for more data on pass rates under all protected characteristics.


July 2013

A Supreme High Court Judge rules that BAPIO may proceed with Judicial Review action on the CSA exam and accepts there is prima facie evidence that the RCGP did not comply with the Equality Act.
I finally receive an apology from the RCGP trustee Chair for the Nomination Committee's attempt to ban me from the ballot for RCGP President, as do the other 2 candidates, I fought on behalf of for justice.
A lesbian ethnic minority GP trainee passes her resit CSA July 7. She is grateful to me for my help and understands how hidden bias against ethnicity and sex may have affected her previous attempts. Her female partner now lobbies the House of Lords to investigate the CSA exam.
I am able to help an asian male GP trainee hit the 100 mark barrier as he achieves 101 in CSA this year and another asian male passes his 5th CSA with an astounding CSA mark of 95 by employing techniques to combat subjective hidden race bias. I would rather instead have the RCGP do the right thing and revert back to the old CSA prior to September 2010 which did not have such a huge disparity in pass rates or back to the old video module with real patients in real grassroots surgeries with real diseases which had a negligible 5% difference in pass rates between white and black+ethnic minority GP trainees.
I continue to fight for justice on behalf of NHS patients and families who have been harmed by the NHS, toxic industrial PIP implant women victims in England who are denied removal on the NHS until there is ultrasound evidence of rupture (whilst the female Welsh health minister had approved all women in Wales may have their toxic PIPs removed immediately), A&E hospital doctors who face increasing workload and aggravation from managers to meet 4 hour targets, black and ethnic minority GP trainees who face difficulties with CSA and undergo cycles of CBT to deal with the psychological and financial stresses of repeated fails, expulsion and an end to their GP careers or bullying by some GP trainers who are also CSA examiners, and NHS GPs who face persistent hounding by the government in their relentless pursuit to force all traditional GP partnerships with personal lists to quit in order to be replaced by a salaried service.

August 2013

RCGP Chair Clare continues to harass me by sending me unsolicited public tweets on August 9, 2013 and ignores the twitter block. Clare Gerada chooses to continue to challenge me on CSA on social media while it is undergoing both an external RCGP review and some legal test cases around the clinical component of the exam.

October 2013

Professor Aneez Esmail, Professor of General Practice 'I felt quite threatened' by the RCGP 'I can't explain or understand what the RCGP was trying to do.' It is British Asian Professor Esmail's turn to feel firsthand how the RCGP treats some BMEs and IMGs.

December 2013

Knowing that I had undergone repeated cycles of CBT for sustained cyberbullying by NHS and RCGP doctors and bullying by the RCGP, and was being attacked by another twitter cyber lynching storm, twitter blocked past RCGP Chair Clare Gerada did not offer support but felt the need to tweet and taunt me by asking me how much NHS practice I do. I had already informed her practice counsellor at her PHP clinic that I had taken time off to deal with all the psychological effects of cyberbullying and a malicious GMC referral. Is this how we expect doctors to treat former doctor patients?


How can we expect NHS GPs to be assessed fairly and impartially if the Care Quality Commission's own communications manager Matthew Silks tweets like this inferring I am not a real doctor or like Doctor Evil and calling me a bully:


Or ethnic GPs expect respect from the public when the public feel free to tweet abuse under anonymous handles: