Saturday, 20 July 2013

With government topslicing NHS GP partners pay, here are some ways to survive the financial crisis.

NHS GPs now ask me how to 'get my kids educated and me out,' as the government makes working as a NHS GP partner more and more unsustainable, topslicing pay, piling on more work and patients to cover, forcing back out of hours cover and the latest assault is to force GP trainers to pay part of the salary of the GP trainees they teach for future work in the NHS from April 2014. When will the BMA demand industrial strike action as GPs did in 1966 against the last severe assault from government or are we watching the demise of the traditional NHS family practitioner in favour of PLCs of salaried GPs and nurse practitioners? Here is a blog article to cheer up spirits of NHS GPs caught in rat's cages. Take it as you wish, tongue in cheek or food for thought. Most of which was presented at the Pulse Business Seminar to over 190 practice managers and NHS GP partners who applauded and thought it was a very amusing presentation and certainly food for more thought.

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