Thursday, 18 July 2013

NHS GPs want to know how to be a private UK GP. Here's how.

Dr Justine Setchell and Dr Fiona Payne, ex NHS GP partners, run their own successful independent GP surgery at 92 Harley Street.

With the DoH and current government placing unreasonable workload demands on NHS GPs at the same time and cutting pay, it is no wonder that NHS GPs are looking at their NHS hospital consultant colleagues with envy that they have a private practice as a way out of the NHS. How do GPs make the transition too, just in case the NHS ceases to exist or the patient workload becomes too unbearable, 24/7 OOHs cover is demanded of all GPs and pay becomes so poor that GPs regret their earlier career choices. Not all GPs can emigrate to Australia or Canada; some are tied down to the UK due to family ties, so how do they survive this transition without ending up a salaried GP for an APMS/PLC/HMO company?

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