Saturday, 28 April 2012

How to get a GP job in Australia?

Many UK GPs are now asking me how do I get a job in Australia? Surprisingly, it is not just the newly qualified, but NHS GP locums, NHS GP partners who have noticed a continual drop in yearly drawings, and frustrated salaried NHS GPs. Clearly the Coalition Government has to sit down and seriously question the need for over-regulation of our medical profession and GPs, in particular. Are we creating a national brain-drain and losing our nation's finest to overseas countries (Canada, Australia, UAE, USA, etc.). Do we really need all these tiers of bureaucracy with CQC practice registration and checks next on the cards? Do we, UK GPs, really need to be scrutinised obsessively under a dissecting microscope because of one Shipman among 55,000 GPs? Give us back professional autonomy and respect!

Having consulted 2 UK GPs, Dr G who started the process last year and Dr C about to fly over in a week's time to complete his AHPRA registration, here is a step-by-step account of what such a move entails. I am not advocating GPs emigrate but just answering questions that have come to me repeatedly. Moving to Australia is not for everyone, however it is an option if you are burning out trying to meet government targets and diktats and see no career progression in the UK; Australia's economy is booming as is Canada's, and doctors are in demand whilst the UK economy is overstretched and a cash-strapped NHS is having to show efficiency savings. Even emergency room hospital consultants have emigrated. A&E doctors explain why they left the NHS.

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